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Ship Parts Catalogue

Desert Fox (Click to view in 3D)Desert Fox

Required Power: 100

Part HP: 400

Control: 47.5



Sturdy (Passive Ability): This sturdy pair of wings does not lose control unless both wings are destroyed.




Show your enemies that one arm is just as good as two. No Excuses!!







Steel Spiders (Click to view in 3D)Steel Spider

Required Power: 200

Part HP: 200

Control: 50




Glide (Passive Ability): The Steel Spider’s sleek design allows your ship to travel 20% with all dashes



Now nothing is out of reach. . .






Velocity Vanguard (Click to view in 3D)V12 Vanguard

Required Power: 100

Part HP: 600

Control: 42.5

Speed: -5



Bodyguard (Passive Ability): As long as at least one wing is still attached to your ship, the chassis takes 10% less damage.



Take a bullet for the team!







Dhisis Holowing (Click to view in 3D)Dhisis HoloWing

Required Power: 100

Part HP: 400
Control: 45

Damage: +15



Unstable Projections (Passive Ability): Deals 50 damage to nearby enemies every 2 seconds.



The picture quality of this holographic projector is impossibly sharp.








Aeroformer 6000 (Click to view in 3D)Aeroformer 6000

Required Power: 37

Part HP: 400

Control: 30

Speed: +10



Fold / Unfold wings (Toggle Ability): Switches between folded & unfolded wings. Gain 60 SPEED when folded but lose 50 CTRL.



Change is good.








Great Marine64 (Click to view in 3D)Great Marine64

Required Power: 50

Part HP: 550

Control: 50



Cooldown Reduction (Passive Ability): Reduces ability cooldowns by 0.25 seconds per wing.



Speed up time with the Great Marine 64.








Ultra Lich (Click to view in 3D)Ultra Lich

Required Power: 37

Part HP: 300

Control: 45



Regeneration (Passive Ability): These wings heal your chassis and can come back to life.



“I heard a rustling behind me. When I turned around, the derelict wings we had found wedged into the meteor had moved places” — IJF Exploration Log 954








Vladimir Blastula (Click to view in 3D)Vladimir Blastula

Required Power: 25

Part HP: 350

Control: 41



Shock Aborbers (Passive Ability): These wings reduce damage to all parts by 20% per wing.



Once a pair of giant door-stops, these wings have renewed purpose.








Volatile Martenee (Click to view in 3D)Volatile Martenee

Required Power: 50

Part HP: 300

Control: 44



Unstable Core (Passive Ability): Whenever one of these wings are destroyed, automatically trigger your Core’s Overload regardless of current Overload meter (doesn’t consume overload on use).











Scrampod Wings (Click to view in 3D)ScramPod350

Required Power: 100

Part HP: 300

Control: 40

Speed: +5



Thrusters (Passive Ability): A pair of wings with engines built in, the Scrampod350 increases speed by 1% for every 1% heat your weapon currently has




Who said putting engines on wings was a bad idea?

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