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Core Overload

Experience dynamic online multiplayer space battle. Navigate around the site to learn more.

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Core Overload is one of the selected games for the 2012-2013 USC final games year. It’s a fast-paced top down shoot ’em up with deep customization, built in UDK from the ground-up to be focused on networked (online) multiplayer. Players are able to build their ships using different combinations of wings, engines, chassis, weapons, and cores. They’re then able to import these customized ships into an online environment and play against other players in PvP and Team vs. team combat. During battle, players are able to break apart their opponents piece-by-piece by destroying individual parts and weaken the overall ship. Upon being destroyed, the player is able to reconfigure their ship during the respawn time to address the competition.






There are 5 types of parts that ships can be built out of: Core, Chassis, Weapon, Wing, and Engine. Ships may have multiple parts of the same type (example: 2 wings). Each ship part comes with a variety of stats and a passive / active ability that augments the ship when they’re attached. Explore the site to learn more about how to build your ship and the different parts that exist in game.




Core Overload has been featured at a number of events and has even given some private demos to some big names in the gaming industry. To learn more, check out our Press Page.